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Hi, I’m Lindsey and I’d like to thank you for visiting Urban Enlightenment. 


I’m a light-seeker, life-long learner, and artist. 


I hold an MA in International Affairs (European Comparative Studies) from American University and a BA in media & graphic design from St. Norbert College, neither of which are utilized in my day-job. So, voilà—Urban Enlightenment was born as a creative outlet.


I traveled outside the U.S. for the first time in high school (to Paris and Barcelona) and realized “wow, there’s a whole word out there!” In the next three years I traveled to another seven countries and fell in love with the beauty and energy experienced in each new place.


Originally, I imagined UE to showcase this beauty of urban life through photos and informational posts. However, as I grow older, I find myself longing for a more natural environment. 


The purpose of UE now is to inspire more natural, conscious, and beautified living in urban areas. As a majority of people now live an urban setting, cultivating these UE themes are needed to improve quality of life for millions of people and ultimately raise our universal consciousness. 


Thanks again for following and I hope UE inspires you!



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