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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Eco-Footprint in 2020

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Oil Spill

Have you added any eco-resolutions to your 2020 resolutions list yet? If not, here are a few to consider:

1. No Cup? No Coffee.

Hold yourself accountable to only purchasing coffee if using a reusable cup. This one will save you money, too! Try keeping a reusable cup (or two) in your car or backpack at all times.

2. Compost Food Scraps

Food waste actually comprises much of the carbon dioxide in our air. The lack of oxygen in landfills doesn't allow food to properly breakdown. If you can, try a worm composting bin. If space doesn't permit in your home, try a simple table top composter.

3. Purchase from Second-Hand Stores

Purchasing furniture, clothes, and household items from second-hand stores saves these items from going in a landfill. There are additional upsides to this including, contributing to the non-profit associated with the second-hand store, scoring some vintage clothes, and saving money.

4. Conduct a Plastic Audit

For an entire day, notice everything you use that's plastic and write it down. Replace those items with biodegradable items. Do this with items you buy frequently. For example, the next time you purchase tooth brushes, buy bamboo tooth brushes. However, if you have a plastic silverware organizer, you may want to hang on to it so it doesn't end up in a landfill.

5. Unplug

Did you know that cords plugged into outlets pull phantom energy, even if the electronic isn't in use? Although minimal, this constant energy draw adds up over time. To solve, simply make sure your electronics are unplugged if you aren't using them.

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